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Labrador Retriever/Shepherd Mix




1 Year




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Willie's Story

Meet Willie!  Willie is, to put it simply, a gentle soul who is searching for the perfect family to love him until the very end! This one-year-old Labrador Retriever/Shepherd mix is looking for a special home where he can really let his personality shine. With some TLC and encouragement, he is sure to blossom into the perfect gentleman we know he can be!  Willie was really reserved at the PAWS Chicago Adoption Center, breaking everyone’s heart when he spent his time curled up in a ball and hid from passersby. The only time Willie really opened up was when he was around his doggy friends.  We feel this ray of sunshine would do best in a home with another confident canine buddy who can help show him the ropes and learn what it means to be a part of the family! 

Willie was placed in a foster home in hopes that it would help him open up, and he has been loving it!  He is best buds with his doggy roommate and has enjoyed tons of play time and snuggle sessions with him!  Willie’s foster adventure has revealed new aspects about his personality, including that he loves to play in the snow (picture: rolling around and chasing snowflakes), play in the park, cuddle in bed all day long, and ask for belly rubs!  He is shy and timid when meeting new people, but warms up quickly and shows his caring nature to the people he knows are his friends! He has been making progress with each passing hour and will make an incredible addition to a family without young children. Willie will need to go to a home with another canine companion that will help him feel grow his confidence and let his personality shine!  Willie is currently enjoying time in a foster home, please email to set up a meeting or to learn more about him.