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Hello, I'm Saki

She loves everyone she meets! 

Saki's Story

Thanks for following up. Things are going amazingly with Saki (we kept her name). She had almost no issues adjusting, and after a couple days of hesitation, now loves her crate and take naps in it voluntarily and throughout the day. She loves everyone she meets, which makes it simple to have a friend come hang out with her if I’m ever gone more than a few hours. We’re starting the PAWS training program in a couple weeks, and I’m excited to see her learn some tricks! She’s already picked up several. Saki’s favorite thing to do is go play fetch at the tennis courts, rip up her toys, and snuggle with me. She goes through bouts of major energy and major nap mode, so it depends when you ask her. My roommates love to watch her play catch with herself! Also, nothing beats good dog cuddles.