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Miniature Pinscher Mix




4 Years




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Roo's Story

Roo is so full of love that she literally explodes with it!  After being transferred to PAWS via a rural shelter partner, Roo was adopted into a home that, although very loving, was not the right fit for her. Luckily, PAWS was happy to welcome Roo back into our program, where we have been learning about her fun-loving soul in an experienced foster home for the past few months.  Roo cares so deeply about her people and her home that she wants to fiercely protect it, no matter what the costs. She has very much benefited from an experienced handler that allows her to meet guests outside and on leash, first, prior to allowing them to enter her castle. Once Roo gives her seal of approval, which happens quickly and uninhibitedly, she will happily walk her new friend inside, where she then will generally claim their lap for a hardcore snuggle session.


Roo has done well with the resident dogs in her foster home. That being said, the resident dogs are kind of ‘unicorn dogs’ that will tolerate just about anything, including her incessant attempts at attention, play nips to their faces, stealing of their toys, and commandeering of their human. She is so hyper focused on being with her person, that her foster feels she may not necessarily need another dog in the home, and might even do better as a solo dog, so she can always be in the spotlight.  Having a fenced in backyard has been a real benefit to Roo, as she can become extremely excited on walks (I mean, who doesn’t get excited about seeing this great big world!) She has been working so hard on learning great manners on walks with her foster mom, who is able to redirect her attention from those neighborhood tomcats and roving squirrels with treats. She loves clicker training and would likely champion agility training (she’s named Roo for a reason – this girl can jump up to your shoulders!)


Roo sincerely deserves a home that will love her for who she is, forever. She wants nothing more than to deeply devote herself to a human that is able to be in it for the long haul, work on her training, and help her meet new people in a calm, positive manner. She has proven to her foster that she has more love to give than most dogs, and desperately needs someone to love. Will you be her soulmate?