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Rhiannon is a sassy six year old Chihuahua mix who knows what she likes and isn’t afraid to tell you. This blonde gal loves nothing more than settling her small frame into a cozy lap or a soft blanket, especially since she is not a fan of the cold and snow. But once she’s decided to hibernate on your lap, she’s there for the long haul: she can get fussy if she is moved handled too much, or if other people approach her during “lap time.”


Rhiannon is looking for a quiet home where all of the family members are at least fifteen and have experience with her breed. Recently, she was in a foster home where it was reported that Rhiannon LOVES her small, squeaky toys and will even keep them gathered in her pet bed when she wasn’t playing with them. With so much personality in such a tiny frame, Rhiannon is all the dog you could want in your home, and she likes it that way - how else can she ensure her food stays safe? Oh, and bicycles? She just doesn’t understand them and doesn’t care to.