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7 Years




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Penley's Story

Do you remember how it felt to fall in love for the first time? The butterflies, the warm fuzzies, the excitement of waking up to each glorious day?  Now you can relive that feeling – every single day – by bringing home Chicago’s two resident lovebirds – Penley and Penelope!  These gorgeous Chinese Cresteds are head over heels for each other and have the sweetest personalities!  After spending time with one of our rural shelter transfer partners, we were gifted with these two dolls and they are truly diamonds in the rough. They learned the ways of Chicago weather, sporting fancy sweaters during the cold (and were a total treat to dress up for our staff and volunteers.) We have never seen a couple so infatuated with each other. If they were in front of you at the movies, you’d be kicking the backs of their chairs to get them to knock it off.  If cuddling was an Olympic sport, there would be no competition for the gold with these two in the running.

Penley and Penelope recently spent some time in a foster home where they loved going on walks together, enjoyed soaking up the sun, and played with their favorite soft squeaky toys!  They are a playful and friendly pair who would love to find a family they can spend forever in, and a home where they can continue to sleep on top of each other, get their mohawks brushed out a few times a week, and play dress up with their humans. We simply can’t believe this gorgeous, purebred, affectionate couple is still looking for a place to rest their heads each night – will you be their lifesaver and give them the home they’ve always desired?