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Hello, I'm Ozzy

Ozzy, who we renamed Milo, is doing great and integrating well into our little family!

Ozzy's Story

We are slowly integrating him with our two cats and are currently working on following simple commands on one side of a gated room while our cats are on the other side to continue getting used to each others smells and sounds. Milo is getting ready for his second week of obedience classes and is doing great with simple commands like sit and eyes and is currently learning how to walk with a loose leash. Milo loves going for walks, snuggling up on the couch and on his bed during the day, playing with his stuffed duck and rope, and eating peanut butter. He is still timid around other dogs and people, but is learning how to be more trusting of others on our walks. We have had a few puppy play dates and he continues to be getting more comfortable playing with others every day. We took Milo to the lake last week and he was so excited to see another Italian Greyhound that looked like him! We love teaching Milo and encouraging him to be more confident in himself and trusting of others. We also love snuggling with him at night before we go to sleep.