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Otis would love to meet you! Otis is looking for an adults-only home with a backyard and with no other pets. He is currently enjoying time in a foster home so please email to set up a meeting or learn more about him!

Otis's Story

World, meet Otis. Otis, meet the world.

Otis came to us in terrible shape after finding himself at Chicago Animal Care and Control. Emaciated, half bald and starved for attention, PAWS decided to take him under our wing.

Since then, we have learned a tremendous amount about Otis’ personality and quirks. If you could put a toddler into a dog’s body, that dog would be Otis. He is the epitome of a curious, clumsy, affectionate, and forgiving being, constantly seeking out affection, praise and attention from his human counterparts.  After spending a few months in foster, we have learned that Otis does best in a low-key, low-traffic environment. He has been living in a house with a fenced in yard and privacy fence that has been, we feel, critical to his success. He has not been around other dogs, and we feel he likes it this way – having the spotlight means the world to him.


Otis wants nothing more than a person that is able to sit on the couch and hang, and not mind his pig like grunting and snores after he plasters himself on top of you. His foster notes that he “snores louder than any human I have ever heard snore,” and that he will “lay on top of you like an iron blanket."  He sleeps in his crate all night, and seems to love his ‘house.’ He goes in happily for a Kong when you go out for errands, and happily at night for bedtime. He has been fantastic at housebreaking, but does require a potty break before bed to make it through the night. Highly food motivated, Otis has been enjoying learning basic commands for treats.


Otis’s foster ended his report with the following:

“He loves structure. He loves to be loved. He is uninhibited, and stronger than an ox. Otis is pure love, very affectionate, and runs sideways because the sheer width and weight of his front end outweighs his back. He has proven to us that he needs and deserves a family he can settle in with forever.”

Are you that family for our sweet Otis man?  

Adoption Process

All PAWS Chicago dogs and cats are spayed/neutered, microchipped, and have up-to-date on shots based on age and arrival date.