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Hello, I'm Nana

Each day is better as she is more secure. She is a beautiful dog and my family loves her!!

Nana's Story

We adopted Nana on April 9th after having her as a foster for two weeks. 

A couple of cute/ funny things: someone loved her so she has this little routine in the morning of rubbing my feet while I am trying to get dressed to take her out and then turning on her back so I can rub her tummy. She also often takes her leash from the entry way to the second floor living room. It is so funny how she drags it up the stairs. We call her the little thief.

We changed her name after we realized that she did not answer to Nana and my kids all thought it sounded old. Her name is Bella after we tried literally hundreds of names and none of them sparked any interest in her. We have had a few people offer to take her if we were not committed to the adoption and those offers were kindly rejected. She is here and not going anywhere.

Our vet thinks she is perfect and knows that we will do whatever has to be done to give her the life she deserves. She loves to play with a couple of specific toys.