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2 Years




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Mitsy's Story

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who is the sweetest doggy of them all?  Mitsy!  We have no doubt that Mitsy is one of the friendliest dogs you may ever meet!  She absolutely adores everyone and wags her tail happily 24/7.  Mitsy was originally adopted as a young pup and was sadly returned after spending over a year in the home when an illness in the family occurred and they felt they could no longer provide her with the care she needed.  Although she is heartbroken to be back and it took her some time to adjust, Mitsy is determined to find the perfect forever home.  She has an amazing personality and is always ready to make friends with both humans and other canines!  Mitsy’s gorgeous coat and sweet doe eyes are so captivating, you’ll be spellbound the moment you stare into them!  She surely knows how to grab your attention both with her good looks and wonderful temperament!

Mitsy would be the perfect companion for any home as long as there are no felines, as she does not get along with them.  She does great with children, loves to play around with other dogs, and has already mastered a few basic commands!  Mitsy is also fully housebroken and does well when left alone for a few hours.  She is a huge fan of chewing on bones, especially when they have peanut butter in them!  If her forever home had a full jar of peanut butter just for her, Mitsy would be completely content.  It’s her absolute favorite!  Is this girl the full package or what?  Our magic mirror surely doesn’t lie!  Mitsy is definitely the biggest sweetheart!  She would love to prove to you just how sweet she is, so email us at to learn more about her and how you can meet this girl in person!

  • I love playing with Kong toys!
  • Did someone say 'treat'?  I'll take them all.
  • I'm a people person!
  • I get along very well with other dogs.
  • I'm gentle and patient with children.


  • I prefer a home without any feline friends.