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Mixed Breed (Medium)




3 Years




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Mazola's Story

Put your paws together for adorable Mazola!  Mazola is a shy and timid girl who is trying her best to navigate through this big, wide world we live in.  She arrived here from one of our rural transfer partners in Oklahoma.  Mazola has had a tough time adjusting to life in the big city, so she is hoping to find a quiet and calm household where she can relax and enjoy the simpler things in life.  It takes time for her to adjust to new environments and to trust new people, so going slow is the best policy for this sweetheart.  She hopes she can find a patient and understanding adopter who will do just that, and someone who will give her all the time she needs to gain some confidence.  Having a doggy friend in the home will certainly help this cutie gain some confidence, so she would do best with a confident canine buddy.  Once she is allowed to adjust to her new surroundings, Mazola will surely flourish and develop into a loving canine companion!

Mazola is searching for an adults-only home with an experienced owner.  She She recently spent some much-needed time away from the hustle and bustle of the PAWS Chicago Adoption Center in a loving foster home.  It took her a couple of weeks before she started to become a bit comfortable with her foster parents, and once she started to come out of her shell a tiny bit, they were able to learn more about her!  From her stay there, we discovered that Mazola is a curious and inquisitive girl who seems to enjoy chewing on bones and likes to have a safe and quiet place she can retreat to when things get a bit scary for her.  Her foster parents said that Mazola is extremely smart and “Just needs you to be very, very patient with her.  She needs lots of space while she figures out what is safe, and she needs to be given a chance to approach you.  She is the sweetest dog once you get to know her and has lots of love to give.”  She reportedly enjoyed chewing on a bacon flavored Nylabone and loves meaty smelling treats!  Mazola also preferred to relax on yoga mats and heaps of laundry over comfy couch cushions and dog beds.  This cute girl also enjoyed being able to go to her foster parents’ bedroom or the kitchen whenever she needed a break.  Mazola would love to have her very own warm and safe place in her new forever home where she can go whenever she pleases, and a loving family who will accept her for who she is and work on building up her confidence!  If you’re willing to open your heart and home to a cutie like Mazola, then come and spend some time with her!  You’re bound to fall in love at first sight!

  • I'm a people person!
  • Cuddles!  I love a good lap to curl up on.
  • Squeak!  Squeak!  I love Squeaky chew toys!
  • Did someone say 'treat'?  I'll take them all.
  • I would love to find a home with a confident doggy friend!


  • I would love to find an adults-only home.
  • I prefer quiet environments that aren't crowded.
  • I need a little extra time to warm up to people I don't know.