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Labrador Retriever Mix




6 Years




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Malarky's Story

Meet Malarky!  Malarky is a sweet and gentle soul who arrived here at PAWS from one of our rural transfer partners in a very scared and timid state.  Needless to say, it has been a tough adjustment for this boy, and it seems as if Malarky has never known what it feels like to be loved.  Our mission is to find Malarky the perfect forever home where he never has to feel scared and alone again!  Malarky seems to do much better with another confident and appropriate dog around as he does enjoy relaxing with them and sometimes even enjoys playing a bit with his doggy friend, Mazola.  We are hoping a confident canine buddy will be able to show him that the world isn’t so scary after all and help him come out of his shell!  Although he may always be a timid guy, Malarky is sure to blossom into a loving and affectionate companion when he is given the time he needs to adjust to his new surroundings!

Malarky is searching for a quiet home without young children, and an experienced owner who will be patient with him and willing to help him build his confidence.  In order for us to learn more about Malarky and how he might be in a home environment, we sent him into a loving foster home where within the course of a couple of days Malarky started to become more and more comfortable.  After about three or four days he began to fully trust his wonderful foster mom!  His foster reported that Malarky enjoyed going for walks alongside their resident dog.  He enjoyed munching on a nice, yummy treat and would wag his tail happily every time he saw his foster mom walk through the door.  Malarky would even get excited when he saw his doggy roommate getting pet and enjoyed receiving belly rubs from his foster.  For this quiet guy, walking and feeding time is very important and will help to build a relationship of trust between him and his family.  All in all, Malarky has lots of love to give and is hoping the right person will come along and give him the chance he needs to grow into the wonderful dog we know he has the potential to be!  Is that you?  Meet him today and find out!

  • Did someone say 'treat'?  I'll take them all!
  • I love playing with Kong toys.
  • Cuddles!  I love a good lap to curl up on.
  • I'm a people person!
  • Have a cat in the house? Let's snuggle!


  • I would love to find a home with children 10+.
  • I prefer quiet environments that aren't crowded.
  • I need a little extra time to warm up to people I don't know.