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Hello, I'm Loretta

Loretta is the sweetest snuggle bug at home

Loretta's Story

She is the sweetest snuggle bug at home. She loves to curl up under the blankets and even sleeps under my comforter at night. We have been working on tricks and so far is very good at "sit" and we are currently working on "shake". Her cat sister, Miss Fine, (also a PAWS alumni) are getting along and I am hopeful they will be able to snuggle together soon. Loretta has spent some time at my mom's farm while I was on vacation and she absolutely loves spending time off leash and running around. We do extra long walks to the park and lakefront every Sunday and it is super cute to see her get excited. She is less reactive to people on our walks but is still very reactive to dogs, bikes and runners (especially dogs). I am trying to socialize her and when off leash she is much better with other dogs. My mom's and friends' dogs have been helpful in this.