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Retriever, Labrador




4 Years




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Leyla's Story

Leyla is a great dog deserving of a great life! Relinquished to PAWS Chicago last November by an owner who had kept her mainly in an enclosed porch, Leyla had not been exposed to many new things. Since Leyla has been at PAWS, we have learned many things about this gorgeous girl! One of her favorite past times is any activity involving being outside. She loves walks, running on our rooftop deck, and is an all-star at playing fetch! She is also a big fan of squeaky and chew toys. Clearly, Leyla knows how to have fun and would love the opportunity to show that side of her more!

Since Leyla did not receive much socialization when she was a puppy, she finds change difficult. She is often fearful when meeting new people or in new situations and will need an experienced owner and an adults only home. Leyla becomes anxious when left alone and will do best with an adopter who is not gone for long periods. In the right home with the right amount of stability and support Leyla is sure to become a wonderful companion. Won’t you give her a chance at the life she deserves?

  • Going for a car ride? Take me along!
  • I love playing with Kong toys
  • Squeak! Squeak! I love Squeaky chew toys!
  • I’m a great walking partner and can go for miles
  • I’ll take as much exercise as I can get!
  • I’d love to be your running buddy
  • Did someone say ‘treat’? I’ll take them all
  • You + a tennis ball = my perfect day


  • I need a little extra time to warm up to people I don’t know
  • Keep me company! I prefer homebodies who are often at home
  • I prefer quiet environments that aren’t crowded
  • I’d love to find a home with children 10 and older