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Meet Holly! This adorable hound dog would love to become a part of your family!  If you enjoy being active and are looking for a loyal, playful and affectionate doggy sidekick, then Holly just may be the girl for you!  Holly’s got it all! Her floppy ears and big doe eyes combined with her loving personality makes her a great canine companion.  When Holly arrived here at PAWS from one of our rural transfer partners in Tennessee, she tested positive for Heartworm and was sent to a quiet and calm foster home where she could undergo treatment.  Now that she is finished with her treatment, this cute country girl is enjoying life in the city to the fullest and she hopes she can find a forever family who will take her on tons of adventures so she can do so much needed sightseeing!  She is an active girl who enjoys going for walks and constantly has her sniffer to the ground, as Hounds usually do!  Holly is hoping to find someone who loves going for walks, runs, and pretty much any activity that involves being on the move.  She is still learning how to be the prim and proper lady we all know she can be and would love for her family to continue her training in the future.  She hopes they will help her on her journey to becoming a well-mannered girl!

Holly is searching for an active home without young children.  From her foster experience, we learned that Holly is an extremely sweet and loving girl who enjoys snuggling and chilling out on the couch!  She loves going for car rides, chewing on tough squeaky toys, and grinding her teeth on a nice elk bone!  Oh and we forgot to mention, Holly absolutely LOVES her food!  She will do just about anything for a treat and pretty much dances happily when it’s dinner time!  Holly also loves to receive head pets and belly rubs from her people 24/7, so she would love to find a family who is home often.  She does sometimes think she’s smaller than she really is and will do her best to curl up in the nearest available lap!  Holly also loves to spend her nights curled up on the couch near her human friends.  She would surely have no problem being your shoulder to cry on while you catch up on the latest episode of ‘This is Us’!  Holly is one of the most lovable pups you’ll ever meet!  Could she be the perfect canine companion for her?  Meet her and find out!

  • Cuddles!  I love a good lap to curl up on.
  • Did someone say 'treat'?  I'll take them all!
  • I'll take as much exercise as I can get!
  • I'm a great walking partner and can go for miles.
  • Squeak!  Squeak!  I love Squeaky chew toys!
  • I love to play and wrestle with other doggy friends.


  • I would love to find a home with children 15+.