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Hagrid is a six year old Dachshund mix looking for cuddles, peanut butter, and a home to call his own. The brown coat and smattering of grey whiskers are the only things this little fellow has in common with his Harry Potter namesake - he doesn’t need adventures or magical creatures to keep him happy; just a soft treat (who wants the crunch and work of a hard treat?) and a lap to sit on will make him swoon. Hagrid is a bit of a homebody and prefers nights in over trips to dog parks or other places his four-legged counterparts congregate.


Hagrid is looking for a quiet home with experienced owners, who should all be at least fifteen years old, and would enjoy continuing his training. Recently, Hagrid spent time in a foster home and let his foster know that he is a bit skeptical of strangers in his home. He values a slow, calm introduction when making new human friends. Not that he is ashamed of his table manners, but Hagrid would prefer not to be watched while he is enjoying his daily meals. If you think you can fulfill Hagrid’s wish of cuddles, quiet, and continued training, stop by our Pippen Fasseas Adoption Center at 1997 North Clybourn Ave., in Chicago's Lincoln Park neighborhood today !