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Catahoula Leopard Dog Mix




2 Years




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Tucker's Story

At PAWS he was named 'Frederick' but we decided to rename him, Tucker, and he learned his name very quickly! We did take him to a 6-week training course to learn some manners which helped a lot, and we plan to continue his training. I also took him to the vet where I work to get a check-up and he is a very healthy boy. Tucker has settled into our home and family very well. He loves to be with us, right by our side, or in our lap  no matter what we are doing- snuggling on the couch, going for a car ride, or running around outside. One of his funniest antics is singing and howling on his rug while we eat dinner, and my mom is trying to teach him to sing the tune of 'Happy Birthday' which he has not quite figured out yet! His favorite game is probably Keep Away; when we chase him around the yard and he can either hide in the bushes or run laps around us if we attempt to catch him. My family and I are having a blast learning all of his strange and hilarious behaviors- like sitting on my bed and staring at me intently until I get out of bed to feed him, or that he is so food motivated he gets excited about cucumbers, but his favorite foods seem to be anything with cinnamon and pumpkin. I am so lucky that I convinced my parents to let us bring him home that day even though my mom was very wary at first. That feeling I get when Tucker comes sprinting to the door to greet me with lots and lots of kisses when I get home will never get old! 

  • Squeak! Squeak! I love Squeaky chew toys!
  • Cuddles! I love a good lap to curl up on
  • Did someone say ‘treat’? I’ll take them all
  • I’m a star pupil at obedience training 


  • Loud noises frighten me so I prefer a quite home
  • I’d love to find a home with members 15 and older
  • Fast movements can frighten me so I prefer a slow-paced home environment