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Hello, I'm Loki

He eats and eats and still asks for more!

Loki's Story

We did change our puppy’s name from Earl to Loki. I thought it would be tough, but after a few days he already knew that was his name. He is doing well. The first two weeks were tough because he was sick. Had to take him to the vet a few times, give him medicine, and take good care of him. But he is doing awesome now. He really loves meeting new people. The good thing is we are starting training with you guys next weekend Yayyy! So hopefully he will start socializing and making good friends. In terms of his favorite activities, he loves when people pet him, playing fetch with his squeaky toy, cuddling with me, and eating. That last one is his favorite! He eats and eats and still asks for more. What we love about him the most is how lovable he is and how fast and the way he wags his tail when we come home.