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Hello, I'm Chester

Chester also loves cuddling on the couch with us!

Chester's Story

We are so very happy that we have Chester.  We are keeping his name - he knows it and responds to it, plus we think it's cute and fitting. He gets along great with both Grant and I, though I'll say I think Grant is his favorite, which is adorable.  Chester has also met some of our friends, and after giving him time to warm up, he was totally comfortable around them. He loves playing with us - especially anything that we can toss and he can tug on a bit.  Chester also loves cuddling on the couch with us - he knows how to chill out, which is great. He's in great health, aside from being a little chubby, but we're working on that and he's doing really well.  We hope to start a training class soon, most likely at Paws.  He is overall just a really good boy, but of course there a few little habits we need to break. Thank you again to everyone at Paws for taking care of him! We are so, so happy to have him in our family.