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Meet Brody


Meet Brody

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Brody would love to meet you! He would do best in an adults-only home with an experienced owner and where he is the only pet.

Brody is a part of PAWS Chicago’s Featured 5 adoption program. 

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  • FREE Merrick Pet Care or PAWS prescribed cat or dog food for one year
  • FREE 30-day supply of existing medications
  • FREE training consultation with a PAWS Chicago trainer or recommended behaviorist (for dog adoptions only)

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Brody's Story

If you start to stare into Brody’s deep, sweet, soulful eyes, you may never want to stop! Brody is a gorgeous senior hound that came to PAWS from one of our rural transfer partners in Alabama. We’re sure this handsome country boy has spent his whole life living on a farm or a home with lots of land. Brody is truly happiest when outside exploring every corner and crevice of the world he can fit his nose in! He absolutely loves being able to do his own thing and enjoys being independent. We’re certain Brody would thrive best in a home with a backyard, so he can spend as much time as he wants outside! He also loves going for walks and can always be found with his sniffer to the ground just anxious to discover all the wonderful smells that the world has to offer. He’s hoping his future family loves strolls outside as much as he does!  He is still learning how to be a good boy on a leash, so he will need some guidance on leash etiquette in the future. If you initiate playtime with him, he will happily trot around and enjoy a good game of fetch!  Otherwise, he’ll be completely content with rolling around in the grass and soaking up the UV rays!  He is also highly food motivated and would love to have his family right by his side to take him through training in the future.  Brody would certainly enjoy learning tons of new tricks and is well on his way to developing into the perfect gentleman!

Brody is on the hunt for an adults-only home with an experienced owner. Brody adores his food and treats so much that he would love it if he didn’t have to share them. He would do best as the only pet in the home as a result so he can have all the treats and kibble to himself! Brody recently enjoyed time in a foster home where his foster mom was ecstatic to have him there!  We learned that this gorgeous hound dog enjoys resting in big, comfy dog beds and recently claimed his foster’s futon sofa as his own.  He enjoys relaxing there for hours on end and would like to have his own quiet, undisturbed space to kick back in when it’s time for a good snooze!  Brody does seem to be a bit sensitive to pets all over and for extended periods of time.  His foster mom reported that he does enjoy having his space and is slowly becoming more comfortable with receiving affection from those he trusts. He would do best with someone who can understand when he’s had enough direct interactions for the time being and will allow Brody to enjoy his independence and quiet time. Brody does do super well with guests coming into the home, just as long as there’s lots of treats involved and it is done fairly slowly.  Once he’s warmed up to you, he is bound to become your very best friend!  His fosters described him as being a good boy who can be such a cutie!  He loves to chew on bones and bully sticks and they certainly are able to keep him entertained for a while!  Does this sweet, gentle guy sound just perfect to you?  Then come on in today and meet this country boy!

  • Squeak!  Squeak!  I love Squeaky chew toys!
  • I'm a great walking partner and can go for miles.
  • You + a tennis ball = my perfect day.
  • I'm a people person!
  • Did someone say 'treat'?  I'll take them all!


  • I would love to find a home with children 15+.
  • I'd prefer a home where I don't have to share my food or toys.
  • I prefer to be the only pet in the home.



Adoption Process

All PAWS Chicago dogs and cats are spayed/neutered, microchipped, and have up-to-date on shots based on age and arrival date.