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Angelica's Story

If there’s one word we could use to describe Angelica, it would be adorable!  She may just be the most adorable dog you’ve ever seen with her gorgeous blonde coat and perky ears!  Angelica is a petite Shepherd mix who came to PAWS from one of our rural transfer partners in Oklahoma.  She is a quiet and timid pup who is searching for a home without young children and with an owner who has experience with fearful dogs.  It takes a bit of time for Angelica to get used to her new surroundings and acclimate to new people, so she will need someone who is very patient with her and allows her to become comfortable on her own terms.  Once she warms up, she blossoms into a delightful girl who enjoys taking naps in her crate, chewing on bones, and playing with all the squeaky toys she can find!

Angelica has spent some time in a foster home and it is safe to say she loves playing with other doggy friends!  She has benefited from being around her foster family’s two resident dogs and seems to gain some much needed confident when she is around them.  Angelica would be a great fit for a home with other canine companions she can wrestle and play with!  She also doesn’t seem to mind being left alone during the day and is content with staying in her crate.  Angelica’s foster parents also reported that she sometimes will snuggle up right in their laps when she decides it’s time to stop working and start cuddling!  Could she be anymore adorable?  She has also mastered different strategies to get her favorite humans to give her a nice belly rub, as if this cute girl didn’t already deserve to receive them twenty-four seven!  If you’re not already convinced this sweetheart belongs in your household, then come and meet her and you’ll surely fall in love!  

  • I get along very well with other dogs.
  • Squeak!  Squeak!  I love Squeaky chew toys!
  • Cuddles!  I love a good lap to curl up on.
  • I'm a people person!
  • I love to play and wrest with other doggie friends.
  • You + a tennis ball = my perfect day.


  • I need a little extra time to warm up to people I don't know.
  • I prefer quiet environments that aren't crowded.