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Hello, I'm Akira

Our adopted girl (Akira) is now Vex'ahlia and we love her so much. 

Akira's Story

She completed puppy level one training at Petco a few weeks ago, and she was a very fast learner! She got to go on her first plane ride a couple weeks ago too, and she was very good in the airport and on the plane. She had a great time in California and got to run around with some goats. Her best friend is a french bulldog named Nemo. We see him at the dog park a few times a week and they are inseparable.

 Other fun facts about Vex:

-She hated peanut butter

-Her current favorite toy is a giant pink flamingo that squeaks

-She really likes getting pampered; baths, brushing, nail trimming, etc.

-She only barks when she is frustrated, like when her treat ball gets stuck

-She has a favorite spot on the couch to cuddle

-She loves looking out the windows

There are some pictures attached. We are so happy with her, and she's a little bit spoiled! Thank you for all the work you do for these animals.