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Domestic Shorthair




4 Years




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Rodrigo's Story

Say hello to the most adorable pair of best pals around, Ernesto and Rodrigo! These handsome gentlemen are looking for a loving adopter who is willing to open up their heart and home to not one, but two sweet lovebugs who just want to spend their days cuddling up right in your lap! Ernesto and Rodrigo spent their entire lives together in a home and were unfortunately relinquished to us when their owner passed away. These two have stuck together through all the best of times and also through the rough times, and they’re more than ready to spend their adulthood with someone who will cherish them forever! How could you not fall in love with their tabby striped coats and captivating eyes? They’re hard to resist that’s for sure! Ernesto and Rodrigo are probably a couple of the cutest kitties you’ll ever see!


Ernesto and Rodrigo are sweet little boys who can be a bit timid when you first meet them. Once they’ve warmed up, they’ll surely relish in all the head pets and cuddles you’re willing to give them! Ernesto particularly loves scratches behind the ear while Rodrigo will accept all kinds of affection and just wants you to pet him 24/7! They also enjoy playtime, exploring, and watching the world go by through the window. Their ultimate favorite activity to participate in though would have to be cuddling! Ernesto and Rodrigo are couple of cuddling experts and will surely be close by whenever you need someone to snuggle up close with. Got a cat tree? They love climbing too! They would enjoy having places up high and down low to explore in their forever home! Adopting these two handsome boys means twice the snuggles, twice the purrs, and twice the amount of love you’ll be rewarded with! Consider meeting Ernesto and Rodrigo today! They would love it if you did!

  • Cuddles! I love a good lap to curl up on.
  • I enjoy chasing toy mice and feather toys.
  • Was that a bird? I love window watching!
  • I'm an explorer- I love to jump and climb!


  • I need a little extra time to warm up to people I don't know.