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Domestic Shorthair




15 Years




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Rocco's Story

Meet Rocco!  Rocco is a charming older gentleman who is hoping to find a home where he can live out his golden years to the fullest!  He was originally adopted from PAWS many years ago as a young kitty.  Sadly, Rocco turned up as a stray last November and was brought to Chicago Animal Care and Control.  PAWS reclaimed this sweet boy and we have made it our mission to find him the best forever home he could ever ask for!  Rocco dreams of a place where he can finally feel secure and where he never has to be alone again.  He would love to find a family who enjoys kicking back and relaxing as much as he does and someone who will give him all the love and affection he deserves! 

Rocco is currently enjoying time in a foster home where he has done extremely well with his kitty roommate!  He would love to have another kitty friend in his forever home!  He also is enjoying all of the simple things that life has to offer.  Rocco’s very great wish is to find a family who will give him his very own cat tree to perch in, a warm and cozy bed to sleep in, and tons of yummy treats he can munch on whenever he’s being a good boy!  Well, let’s face it, Rocco is always a good boy.  He is such an amazing fellow who has not let what has happened to him in the past affect him one bit and has so much love to give.  This sweet senior is so full of life and will bring so much joy to his new family!  Sound like the type of kitty you’ve always wanted?  Then it just might be a match made in heaven!  Email us at to learn more on how you can meet this handsome boy!

  • I'm a people person!
  • I love chasing toy mice and feather toys.
  • I would love having another feline friend in my forever home.
  • Cuddles!  I love a good lap to curl up on!