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Domestic Shorthair




3 Years




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Moxie's Story

If you’re looking for a sweet, friendly, and adorable kitty, then Moxie is the girl for you! This sweetheart is currently loving life in a foster home, but would love to find a nice human who will give her a forever home.  Moxie loves to lounge and relax, especially next to her humans on the couch!  She also likes to sleep on her foster family’s bed by their feet!  She’s always up for a good chin rub or head scratch. This curious kitty can often be found looking out the window or finding nooks and crannies to explore, she is completely adorable! Her favorite toys are her laser pointer and feather wand toy, and she likes her catnip and horizontal scratching posts too! Moxie is also quite smart—she’s figured out where the treats are stored in her foster home and will meow sweetly when she’s craving a treat.  Her foster family says she’s a great companion—maybe you would be the perfect human for Moxie!

Moxie is on the hunt for a playful and fun family who will give her all the affection and exercise her tiny heart desires!  Her foster mom says, “Moxie is a very sweet cat that enjoys to be around people,” and that she’s a “beautiful, sweet, loving cat.” This affectionate kitty is also cute as a button!  Take a look at that adorable nose!  All our volunteers agree that she’s one of the most beautiful kitties they’ve ever seen!  Moxie is a gentle kitty and loves to soak up all the love from her favorite humans. She is so so sweet, it's hard not to love her!  Moxie can also be very independent and enjoys her alone time just as much as she enjoys head pets and play time.  She will surely let you know when she craves your attention!  This cute girl will greet you at the door when you come home and will snuggle next to you when you’re relaxing after a long day. Sounds pretty good, right? If Moxie sounds like the kitty for you, email us at to set up a meeting with marvelous Moxie!

  • Cuddles!  I love a good lap to curl up on.
  • I love chasing toy mice and feather toys!
  • Was that a bird?  I enjoy window watching!
  • I'm a people person.
  • I'm an explorer- I love to jump and climb!


  • I enjoy playtime and attention, but I'll let you know when I'm ready to play.