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Domestic Shorthair




5 Years




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Lysa's Story

Ladies and gentlemen, meet lovely Lysa! This energetic and friendly feline is looking for a forever home where she can roam, explore, and play! Lysa was originally adopted from PAWS as a young girl, but was sadly returned after spending two and a half years in the home when it became apparent that she was not a good fit for the family’s home and lifestyle. Now she’s back at the shelter entertaining volunteers and potential adopters with her boundless energy and good looks! Lysa is very active, and loves toys and other forms of enrichment!  She also prefers a few gentle pats on the head as opposed to full-on cuddles.  She would do best in a home with an experienced owner who can understand when she has had enough love and affection.  She’s a curious and outgoing kitty who would love to follow you around in her new home, or sit next to you while you unwind after a long day!  She’d make a great companion!

Does Lysa sound like the cat for you? She’d do very well as the only pet in an adults-only home with a patient owner who can let her adjust to her new surroundings and give her the space she needs if she gets a bit overstimulated. Lysa would love a home with lots of puzzle toys and other types of enrichment to keep her entertained! She’s an explorer, and would surely love to watch the birds out the window and climb on cat trees or chase after wand toys. If you’re ready for an active cat who would love to play and expel all kinds of energy, Lysa is the cat for you! Just take one look at her—she’s gorgeous! Come meet lovely Lysa today at the Lincoln Park Adoption Center!

  • I'm an explorer- I love to jump and climb!
  • I'll take as much exercise as I can get!
  • I enjoy chasing toy mice and feather toys.
  • I'd love a patient adopter who will allow me to acclimate at my own pace.
  • Was that a bird?  I love window watching.


  • I would love to find an adults-only home.
  • I prefer to be the only pet in the home.
  • I enjoy playtime and attention, but I'll let you know when I'm ready to play.