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Domestic Shorthair




4 Years




Adopter's Home

Luciana's Story

Hi, I’m Luciana and I’d like to tell you a little bit about myself! My former foster dad describes me as very adventurous, maybe even fearless! The minute you open doors for me I will go exploring and see what is inside them. I am a very, very good jumper and I can get to all the highest places in your house. I can easily jump nearly 6 feet and I will show off right in front of you. But don't worry, I'm very careful and I've never knocked a single thing over!

I love being petted on the head and I will purr like crazy when I get attention. If you're not paying attention to me I will meow and chirp to get your attention! Little fuzzy balls are the best toys in the world. One time, one fell off of a string on some socks and I played with it for an hour! I also like to play with string, but thin strings only. You know, the kind you humans fly a kite on? I have lots of energy and really like running as fast as possible up and down the halls of your house just to get my cardio in. You'll see and hear me for sure.

I recently lived in a foster home with another cat and while we got along okay, I would certainly prefer my own home with my own humans to serve only me. I can get a little overstimulated sometimes so I’d probably be best off in a home without small kids. While I loved life in my foster home, what I really want is a forever home of my own. All in all my foster family thought I was really great and I’m sure you will too!



  • I’ll take as much exercise as I can get!
  • Did someone say ‘treat’? I’ll take them all!
  • I’m a people person! 
  • I love chasing toy mice and feather toys
  • I'm an explorer- I love to jump and climb! 


  • I prefer to be the only pet in the home