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Domestic Shorthair




1 Year




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Meet Lorenzo


Meet Lorenzo


Lorenzo would love to meet you!  He would do best in an adults-only home with an experienced owner and daily structured play.  Stop by our Pippen Fasseas Adoption Center at 1997 N. Clybourn Ave., in Chicago's Lincoln Park neighborhood.



Lorenzo's Story

Meet Lorenzo!  This extremely photogenic boy is one of the most outgoing cats you may ever meet!  He is always seeking affection from every passerby and with a face as adorable as his, it’s hard to say no!  Lorenzo was found as a stray and brought to PAWS by the lovely person who found him.  Lorenzo is a confident kitty who is ready to find a place to call home for the first time!  This little stud muffin is always on the move and extremely enjoys interactive play!  He is a vibrant boy who will need an efficient amount of daily structured play time in order to get his energy out in a positive manner.  Lorenzo also enjoys jumping and climbing and would do best with tons of high up places that are just for him to explore!  Cat trees and window perches would be ideal!  He also is a big fan of motorized toys and would love to chase after a few if he had the chance!       

Lorenzo is searching for an adults-only home with an experienced owner.  He does enjoy roughhousing with other cats and would love to find a home with another high energy playmate who he can tumble around with whenever he pleases!  Lorenzo can get overstimulated during petting sessions, so he would do best with an owner who can recognize when he’s had enough affection.   Although he is not a fan of back scratches, Lorenzo is a big softie when it comes to head pets!  Give him a nice rub on his cheeks or he will melt completely in your arms!  His all-time favorite place to receive some love is right on his forehead!  That is his sweet spot for sure!  Lorenzo is such a lovable boy and as handsome as can be.  He is bound to fill his forever home with tons of love, purrs, and head bunts in the future!  If you’re searching for an active little playmate who you can have tons of fun with, then Lorenzo is your boy!

  • Was that a bird?  I love window watching!
  • I'll take as much exercise as I can get.
  • I'm an explorer- I love to jump and climb!
  • I enjoy chasing toy mice and feather toys.
  • Did someone say 'treat'?  I'll take them all!


  • I would do best in an adults-only home.




Adoption Process

All PAWS Chicago dogs and cats are spayed/neutered, microchipped, and have up-to-date shots based on age and arrival date.