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Domestic Shorthair




6 Years




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Jean's Story

Meet Jean, a beautiful four-year-old brown tabby with gorgeous green eyes who is searching for the perfect place to call home! Jean was adopted as a kitten and returned to PAWS earlier this year. Due to the drastic change in her environment, Jean has had difficulty adjusting to shelter life and becoming comfortable with new people. Although it has taken her time to acclimate to her new home at PAWS, she has begun to show more and more affection to those she is familiar with and trusts.

A young and vibrant adult female, Jean has an almost endless supply of energy. She loves racing around her room and playing with toys. In fact, one of the best ways to build a friendship with Jean is to engage her in an exciting round of wand play! Jean would love a family that is willing to participate in daily interactive play sessions to help her expel all that energy in an appropriate manner. In addition to play, Jean can also be very affectionate with humans once she determines they are safe and worthy of her friendship. She loves to greet her friends by rubbing against them and offering adorable head bunts. Jean can, however, become overstimulated. She would do best with an experienced cat person who is familiar with feline body language and who has the patience and fortitude to work with Jean while she becomes more comfortable with human touch. If you belong to an adults-only household with no other pets, take some time to visit with Jean. Give her a chance, and she'll do the same for you!