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Get to Know Huey


Domestic Shorthair




5 Years




Adopter's Home

Huey's Story

Are you looking for a cuddle buddy that still makes time to play? Well, Huey may be the cat for you! Huey recently spent some time in a loving foster home, and the experience taught us quite a bit about what makes this handsome grey and white feline tick.  He definitely has some interesting habits, like insisting on drinking from a moving water source! He really likes faucets but would be just as happy with a fountain to ensure he gets his daily allotment of water.  

Huey also enjoys a bit of playtime, whether chasing around balls or following people around the home. Huey really loves to be around people, and he'll always take time to cuddle. He especially loves to have his head and neck rubbed. His foster even noted that he loves to lay his head in your hand, and will follow that hand around just so he can cuddle with it!  If you’re looking for a constant companion and best friend who will always want to be right by your side, then Huey is the guy for you.  

Although Huey loves to cuddle, he has some sensitivity when being pet and prefers to settle in for cuddles on his own terms. Huey also really likes for things to be quiet and structured around the home, and will do best in a quiet home that can help accommodate his needs. If you think Huey would be a good fit in your home, he would love to meet you! Huey is four years old and is declawed. He would do best in a calm and quiet adults-only home.