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Hello, I'm Biscotti Pippen

She loves playing!

Biscotti Pippen's Story

Everything with Holler has been so great. We changed her name to Biscotti Pippen AKA Pip. We've been in love with her from day one, and it seems she feels the same way. As soon as we brought her home she climbed into our laps and purred. She loves playing -- she can't get enough of the cat dancer and loves to bat around her little mouse toys. Her favorite place in the house in the bathroom sink -- she climbs in and purrs as soon as you come visit her there. The vacuum is her nemesis -- she stalks it when we use it and goes to check on it in the closet just to make sure it's not going to cause any trouble. She runs to meet us at the door whenever we get home and flops on her back to say hello. Every day also begins with a "flop of the morning" to us. She is also sometimes quite talkative, with adorable chirpy meows. She still nips sometimes when she's overstimulated but it's never with any menace. She's getting better about letting us pick her up -- sometimes she seems to really enjoy it.