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4 Years




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Gustav's Story

Are you looking for a fun loving playmate? A buddy for your own playful cat? Then Gustav may be your perfect match! Gustav is a gorgeous 3 year old orange tabby with energy to spare! He loves to burn off his excess energy with play, whether with other cats or with toys. Wand toys are a particular favorite of his, and a good play session with one can easily build a good friendship with him. A home that offers plenty of interactive play or stimulating playmates will be a great fit for Gustav to expel all the energy he has in a positive and appropriate manner.Gustav was recently returned to PAWS, which can be a very stressful change of pace and environment for cats. Thankfully, we've had no trouble pairing him with other cats in the same room. Due to his playful nature, Gustav enjoys having playmates that can match his rough and tumble kind of play style, and he has gotten along very well with other cats that match that. Because of how well he can play with others, Gustav would do well going to a home that already has a cat, as long as they are OK with having a very active playmate.

Although Gustav has had little trouble interacting with people when it's time to play, he has had some issue with petting. Due in part to his love for playtime, he can become easily overstimulated when being pet, as he can interpret it as being stimulated to play. In addition, he does not enjoy being restrained. Being able to read his feline body language, as well as slowly working on desensitizing him to touch will go a long way to building a positive relationship with him. If you have an adults-only home, and are looking for a playmate for your own cat, consider Gustav!