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Domestic Shorthair




5 Years




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Bobby's Story

Meet Bobby! This handsome 4 year-old is looking for his forever family. Bobby is shy, so he needs some time to get used to new people and new surroundings. Once his trust is built up, he loves to be affectionate! Bobby has no problem asking for head and body pets with a nice little tap with his paw. He loves to play with brightly colored wand toys with his trusted people. Bobby can also be seen soaking up the sun by a window seat as he watches the hustle and bustle down below. He loves laying by Callie while they take cat naps after a busy, or even lazy, afternoon. \

Bobby’s will thrive with a family who can be patient with him while he gets used to his new surroundings. Once you gain his trust, he’ll be all cuddle up to you begging for pets. Bobby and Callie will love to find a family who is looking for two lovable cats. For more information on how to meet or adopt them please e-mail