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Domestic Shorthair




5 Years




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Armie's Story

Some things are just better in pairs. Armie and Cash are two kitties who are best buds, and they can’t wait to move into their forever home with you! These two boys are super cute together and are looking for an experienced owner who can keep up with their playful, energetic spirit! These handsome boys met while rooming together at PAWS and have been inseparable ever since. They even went into a foster home together, and loved exploring their temporary home. “Armie is a lover, Cash is a player,” says their foster. While 4-year-old Armie was snuggling on everyone’s lap, purring constantly, 1-year-old Cash was pouncing on toys and exploring every nook and cranny in the house! “Armie is a total lover. He seems happiest when he’s snuggling close to his person.” The handsome orange tabby Armie also loved relaxing in sunny perches and playing with wand toys and little toy mice. Being around his humans by far was his favorite thing in the world! “He knew when it was time for bed and followed me to his room for the night.” Cute Cash has the softest, most beautiful gray fur, and loves to play! “Cash is still very kitten-ish. It’s almost always play time for him.”

These boys are so much fun together, and they can’t wait to find their forever home! If you can provide lots of toys and snuggles, you’d be perfect for these two best friend kitties! These handsome guys will need lots of play sessions, as they absolutely love chasing foil balls and crinkly mice toys. They would do best in an adults-only home, but they’d love lots of toys and enrichment for them to expel all their youthful energy! They’d also love to be able to lounge in the sunshine together and gaze at the world outside the window. These affectionate boys love being around each other, and would love to provide you with all kinds of playful snuggles. They’re as sweet as can be, and can’t wait to go to their new forever home together. If you’re in the market for two adorable cats who will put a smile on your face every day, Armie and Cash are the boys for you! Come and visit them today at our Lincoln Park Adoption Center. They’d love the attention and can’t wait to play with you!

  • I enjoy chasing toy mice and feather toys!
  • I'm a people person!
  • Cuddles! I love a good lap to curl up on.
  • I'm an explorer- I love to jump and climb.


  • I would love to find an adults-only home.