PAWS Chicago’s Crisis Response

As part of our commitment to help in times of national crisis, PAWS Chicago is launching a new effort to help families who are undergoing foreclosure on their homes and have no alternative for their dogs & cats.

As foreclosures increase across the country, many families who are losing their homes will be unable to keep their pets. PAWS Chicago is committed to assisting Chicagoland families in this time of personal crisis and will provide two alternatives:

PAWS Chicago Safe-Haven Program

PAWS Chicago will provide a wonderful temporary home for dogs & cats of families in crisis through our dedicated network of foster homes. Families in crisis can focus on rebuilding their lives, knowing that their pets are safe and cared for until they are able to stabilize their living situation.

PAWS Chicago Emergency Admissions

For those families who do not foresee a way to keep their dogs & cats, PAWS Chicago will prioritize their admission into the PAWS Chicago adoption program and will guarantee the life of their pet(s), finding them a new forever home.

To participate in this program, please call or email Jenny Nahrwold at 773-475-9462 or