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Hello, I'm Zagnut

Thank you very much PAWS!

Zagnut's Story

We adopted Zagnut, who was renamed Oliver or "Ollie" for short. He has been a great addition to our home and adjusted very quickly. Our 10 year old son Charlie loves to play with Ollie everyday. He enjoys walks to the park, playing fetch, sitting on the porch to watch the neighborhood and meeting dogs and people. 
Oliver has been an increasing ball of energy, yet is completely loving of his new family. We have been very attentive to his needs and interests, have brought him to the vet for check-ups / additional shots, bring him to the park often and give him all the attention he deserves. 
As he is a puppy, he can be a little destructive but he is learning. He has been able to hold his potty breaks until he goes outside and will typically resort to his chew toys after being instructed. He did not have an issue sleeping in the crate from the start either, which has been amazing.
We love Oliver and are so happy to have adopted him. Thank you very much PAWS!