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Hello, I'm Tina

We changed Tina’s name to Roo

Tina's Story

Thanks for checking in! We changed Tina’s name to Roo (Roo since she hops like a KangaROO…For how well she responds to “Roo” maybe that was her name all along!)  Pictures attached & update below.

Roo is our #fosterfail and #adoptionsuccess! She’s adjusted so quickly it’s hard to imagine she only joined the family a few short weeks ago. Even in such a short time, we’ve learned a lot about Roo, and her big personality! For instance:

1.       She wants to be wherever we are. This means right in our laps, in our arms, or at our feet. We can easily include her when we go on walks, car rides, and out to dinner. (Wicker Park is perfect for dog families!)

2.       She’s our real-life stuffed animal. She lives to be picked up, cuddled, and then to fall asleep on/in your lap.

3.       Don’t let her three legs fool you- she’s not about to let one less leg slow her down (unless she can use it as an excuse to be cuddled/carried J It’s amazing how quickly she’s learned to adapt.

4.       Favorite moments so far: bedtime snuggles, bath time snuggles, & how excited she is to see us when we get home! Also watching her learn how to chew a new bone (picture included!)

Welcome to the family Roo!

-Mom, Dad, Aunt M, & Uncle Jesse