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Hello, I'm Tallulah

Things are going great with the new pup!

Tallulah's Story

Things are going great with the new pup! She's already a part of the family and we couldn't be more excited about it. We did indeed change her name, so please meet Sansa! Since we're big fans of Game of Thrones and our last name is Stark, the temptation was too great to not name her after one of show's main characters. Things have been awesome. Our vet said she is a beacon of health and doing as well as you could ever hope for with a puppy at this stage. We considered taking her to puppy class, but both of us have pretty extensive experience with dogs and decided to train her ourselves. Both of us have flexible jobs and the opportunity to work from home, so its been pretty easy to work with her every day. She was housebroken within the first week we had her, hasn't had an accident since. She has mastered come, sit, down, and stay already too! Right now we're working on shake and roll over, but who knows what we'll add into the mix later. We took her up to Michigan with us this weekend and she did great in her first go with swimming. She is a big hit at the dog park and plays really well with the other she's gotten bigger, she's definitely become one of the ring leaders. She loves to exercise, gets 2-3 walks, plus a park trip almost every day and would stay outside/walk forever if we let her. Bottom line, healthy, happy, loving, well behaved pup and we couldn't be happier. Thanks again for everything! Safe to say it's worked out well.