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Hello, I'm Rosalie

I can't get over how smart she is!

Rosalie's Story

We are doing great. We've shortened Rosalie, to Rosie, the kids were struggling with the longer name. She's adjusted well to our home and family. She loves training and learning new tricks and commands. I can't get over how smart she is! We like visiting Montrose dog beach, she's very social and often joins other families and dogs on their blankets. She visits our neighbor for play dates with their dog regularly and recently discovered she can initiate play time by hopping the fence. We are looking for a solution to this as we continue to deter the hopping. It doesn't appear she's made the connection that all the fences can be hopped, so we are on the lookout in case anything else peaks her interest. She loves walks, much the way some dogs love their tennis ball. Rosie gets a long walk in the early afternoon in her harness, where she knows I'm the leader and there's no pulling. Once we reach our block we stop at the corner, she sits, and I say "ready, set, go!" On go we race to the house. She always wins. She gets SO excited waiting for "go."  Racing is her favorite, and now that she knows the term the kids can participate in the yard too. At night I take her on a walk with just her collar and leash. This is her walk to sniff and track. She enjoys these, and proved how good she is when she lead me right up to a skunk! Luckily we had spent a lot of time fine tuning "leave it" and "with me," so I was able to make a quick turn and get out of there with out her spooking it. She has some odd quirks, she piles things like shoes and toys, we are trying to teach her to pile the blocks instead. She steals the butter stick off the counter and hides in in the couch.. I'm not sure why, she doesn't snatch anything else, or hide anything else, and she doesn't eat the butter..or open it. It was so unbelievable, I thought the children were messing with me. All and all she's been a great dog, and continues to impress me everyday.