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Hello, I'm Petra

Tully is absolutely fantastic!

Petra's Story

We are so in love with her and have been since the moment we brought her into our home. She is the happiest, sweetest little dog and absolutely lights up every room. Our dog Finn fell head over heels for her the moment he met her and they have been best friends (or husband and wife, however you want to look at it :) ever since.  Coming from Greece, she is not a fan of this colder weather but she has a fresh wardrobe of cozy sweaters to wear when she goes out on walks :)  She loved going to Wisconsin over Thanksgiving to spend time with my family and my parents dog, Sadie. Like I said, she is just the happiest little thing and never fails to get all the dogs playing!  She especially loves running full speed around the yard or the dog park, and then getting in to bed at night and burrowing down underneath the covers by my feet :)  We are so grateful to PAWS and especially to Paula for bringing her back from Greece for us.  As a couple who loves to travel and always has the hardest time not bringing home multiple dogs from abroad each time we go, it was only fitting that our next adoption would have her own passport! :)