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Hello, I'm Paris


Everything is going great with our PAWS Alumnus, Lucy. Lucy's PAWS name was Paris when we adopted her on January 27th.

Paris's Story

Lucy loves to play fetch and tug of war with my husband, Kyle, and me and she really enjoys time at the park playing with other dogs! She also loves naps in the sun surrounded by her toys and lots of snuggling!  

Lucy completed the PAWS Polite and Playful Puppy Class earlier this year (she "graduated" on March 5th). We really enjoyed the class and learned a lot of training techniques we still use today. 

A few weeks ago, with your help, another PAWS adopter arranged a puppy reunion and Lucy got to meet a couple of her siblings at a dog park outside of Chicago. We included a picture of Lucy (far left) with her brother Winston (in the middle - PAWS name Pablo) and sister Ivy (far right - PAWS name Palma). We hope to get them all together again soon!

Adopting Lucy was one of the best decisions we ever made and we can't imagine life without her.