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Hello, I'm Marty

We absolutely love having Marty as part of our family!

Marty's Story

Things are going great. We did not change Marty's name. He lives with my boyfriend and I in our condo downtown, and he is the only pet. I had two weeks off of work to help Marty acclamate to us and so we can acclamate to him. We truly love him so much already! We have started the training process with Marty. We had a evaluation last week and got confirmation that he is a great dog, he just needs some minor training. Marty loves to cuddle and loves to be around people! When he's not cuddling, he loves to play tug-of-war. Marty also loves to go on walks or take a drive in the car and get some fresh air (don't worry, we have a doggy seatbelt). Our favorite part about Marty is the love and cuddles he shows us, we really have a great bond with him.