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Hello, I'm Kaplan

I am so happy that I took Idgie home

Kaplan's Story

My new dog and I are doing very well! I renamed him from Kaplan to Idgie (after the character in Fried Green Tomatoes). We have gone to his first vet appointment and he is doing fine, and growing really fast. I enrolled in a He is SO smart and learning really fast. Maybe the trainer says this to everybody, but he says that this dog is "exceptional". Everywhere we go, Idgie gets compliments, for being a beautiful, sweet, and well behaved dog. He hasn't met a dog or a person yet who he hasn't liked and wanted to play with, and he has done really well with his (limited and supervised) interactions with my rabbit. Besides people and other dogs, Idgie's favorite thing in the world is sticks! He picks up every stick he sees and just carry it around on walks like a puppy pacifier or something. It is very cute. He is a little ball of energy, but will also sleep on the couch for hours in the evening, cuddling and getting his belly rubbed. I love to hike and took Idgie on his first hike this past Sunday at Fort Sheridan nature preserve. He seemed a little overwhelmed by all the new sights and smells, but he had a blast. I am so happy that I took Idgie home, and I thank PAWS for bringing me the newest member of the family!