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Hello, I'm Holly

We love having her as part of our family!

Holly's Story

Chandler (I changed Holly's name) is doing awesome. She gets along with everyone and every animal. She's extremely happy to meet new friends. She met my parent's 3 HUGE German Shepherds this past weekend and was playing like crazy with all of them. My Mom also had a cat who Chandler desperately wanted to be her friend. (The cat's feelings weren't quite as mutual) We are working on our obedience, she's got sit and stay down really well. Shake/high five is are hard one!  She comes to work with me every day and is so excited to see all of the kids and new people. She barks at anyone who jumps into the pool (I work at a swim school). She also really enjoys pretending to walk herself. She'll hold her leash in her mouth and walk ahead. Chandler is doing awesome and we love having her a part of our family!