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Hello, I'm Balty

Our new family member is doing well!  We did rename him... Theodore, Theo for short :) 

Balty's Story

We do not have any other pets in the house but he is totally fine when we are on a walk and we come across another dog.  He does not bark at them - he usually just minds his own business. He has played nicely with a neighborhood dog on several occasions.  

Theo rarely barks at all and is housebroken. Two very nice surprises since we didn't expect or have any idea when bringing him home. 

Theo typically gets one long walk 1.5 - 3 miles per day and is pretty laid back for the most part.  He does seem to have a "spirited" episode at least once a day.  Which was a little alarming at first as he would lunge at our face like he was going to bite and hop around (almost like a hyper active child) which was so atypical of his behavior for the most part.  We clap our hands loudly at this behavior and distract him when he does this and that seems to work for the most part.

We crate Theo when we leave the house and at bedtime.  He likes the crate and goes in willingly both when we ask him to and other times during the day.  He did not whine or bark to get out even on the first night home.