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Hello, I'm Apollo

He is such a well behaved dog and no doubt that is in part due to the care that he received at PAWS Chicago. 

Apollo's Story

He is coming it at about 50 lbs now, even though he believes in his mind that he is a 5 pound teacup poodle.
3 weeks in to his adoption he took his first road trip.  6 hours each way and he was great in the car.  Got to spend some time running free and playing fetch in the open farming fields in Northeast Missouri.
Apollo takes about a mile and a half walk through the forest preserve across the street every day.  If it doesn’t appear to him that we are going to cross the street he will stare at the opening to the trail and then look back at us.  Luckily for him, we are suckers and usually give in :) He walks very well on the leash and has responded really great to us switching him to the Julius K-9 Harness. He loves laying on the deck furniture and sunbathing now that the weather has warmed. He is great with everyone we come in contact with and has even had positive interactions with people who at first were tentative just based on the fact that he is an Am Staff. Apollo quickly lures them all in for some very wet kisses haha.
He has been great with children and the smaller the person the more gently he plays.  I’ve even seen him respond to verbal commands from a 3 and 6 yr old.  As far as training is concerned, Apollo is responding great to verbal commands and hand signals which he gets practice with every day!