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Hello, I'm Ricardo

He's not a fighter, he's a flopper. 

Ricardo's Story

Things with Ricardo could not have gone better. We did change his name to Milo as his personality started to emerge, as we felt it fit him better. The first night we brought him home, he was so sad and scared he ran straight into our closet and wouldn't come out. My boyfriend and I took turns hanging out in our bedroom showing him that we were friendly. Finally, finally he came out late the second night! Just for a little bit, but we were so excited and happy to see him! Over the next few days, Milo became braver and braver. We continued to work with him and expose him to not only us, but our other cat Cecil. Strangely enough, Milo seemed braver and seemed to perk up more when Cecil was around. Milo was instantly smitten with Cecil, but Cecil still needed time to adjust! It was so funny because Milo would run up to Cecil, tail high and chattering at him then Cecil would give a small, warning hiss and Milo would instantly flop over to one side. It didn't stop Milo, though. He was determined to make Cecil love him. Eventually, we allowed them to interact unsupervised, and they have never been apart. Cecil has begun to show Milo the ins and outs of the house. The best sunning spots, the scratch pad, and even which roommates are easy to con food out of! 

I just want to say to anybody wanting to adopt a cat: please consider adopting FIV positive cats. Milo and Cecil are both FIV positive and nobody, aside from vets who have their profiles, can tell they are FIV positive. Milo is an amazing friend and companion that, while im glad we got him, it breaks my heart that a cat like him would be overlooked in the shelter because he is FIV positive. We don't regret our decision and love both of our boys completely.