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Hello, I'm Amelia

We have renamed her to Luna!

Amelia's Story

Thanks for checking up on Amelia. We have actually renamed her to Luna :) She is doing very well - the first couple of days, she was hiding in her safe spot (a kitty bed underneath a desk in the office room), until she became more comfortable exploring. In addition to Luna, we actually accepted another cat from a family that was moving and could not take care of her anymore, so Luna actually has a friend now (named Nora). Nora has had all her shots, is spayed, and is a healthy 2.5 year old cat. They absolutely love to be with each other (as seen in my photos). They run around together and exercise, and like to play with all the same toys (balls, hair ties, feathered toys). We are happy to have added these two new additions to the family, and couldn't be happier at how they get along.