Kitten Challenge | PAWS Chicago

What is Kitten Season?

It’s that time of year when the over-abundance of kittens on the streets of Chicago reminds us that the real reason why thousands of animals are needlessly killed every year is because of pet overpopulation.

The warm summer months bring an influx of homeless kittens into the city pound where each are at risk of being euthanized because of space. There are too many kittens and not enough homes.

Our Challenge

From now through August 31, we are challenging the community to help us find homes for 350 kittens – 10 percent more than we did during this time last year.  Together, we can make a life-changing difference for both homeless kittens and our community.

Be a Part of the Solution!

Help us reach this life-saving goal by welcoming one or more kittens into your family. Adopt today and save a life! As a part of our Summer Kitten Adoption Challenge, when you adopt two kittens (11 months old or younger) at PAWS Chicago, the adoption fee of the second kitten is half off from now through August 31.

Why Are Two Kittens Better Than One?

  • Kittens need interaction with other kittens for healthy social development
  • Kittens are curious and crave constant stimulation
  • Kittens are very active at night - kitty companions provide playmates while your household sleeps
  • Kittens are more likely to be better behaved when paired with a playmate
  • You're saving two lives instead of one!

Meet the adorable kittens available for adoption at our Lincoln Park Adoption Center or North Shore Adoption Center.

Read more about the Kitten Challenge and our rescue of 13 kittens found in a bag that was recently featured on NBC Chicago.