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Crisis Care Program

Providing necessities for pets during times of crisis

Trouble providing for your pet? We can help.

When faced with financial hardship, feeding and caring for a family pet can be difficult, sometimes impossible. Sadly, beloved pets who would otherwise be sources of companionship and support during these trying times are often given up. Our Pet Food Bank is here to help people keep their pets.

Our Pet Food Bank provides emergency assistance to families facing unemployment, foreclosure, or other financial crises, enabling pets to stay in their home. We offer pet food and supplies, such as cat litter and litter boxes, leashes, collars, cat carriers, and other essentials until the family is back on their feet and can once again provide for their pet. In addition, we provide free spay/neuter and vaccinations for pets of families in need.

To learn if our Pet Food Bank is right for you and your pets, contact us at (773) 475-9426.