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For Your Pet Archive

For Your Pet Archive

Jan 27, 2016

Ask the Trainer

Bully Breed Edition

Nov 01, 2014

Prey Drive

Understanding and managing the prey-driven dog

May 01, 2013

Move! Tips to Stimulate Your Active, Energetic Dog

In the shelter world, there exist certain dogs who are considered “harder to adopt.” These are not the calm, quiet dogs that greet you politely. They...

Nov 01, 2012

When Training Isn’t Enough

Your pup needs more than basic obedience.

Bringing home your new dog from the Adoption Center is an exciting day! Getting to know your new pet’s...

Nov 01, 2010

Canine Social Systems The Human Role

“A species so intimately involved with our own, which has shared our life since time immemorial.”

 - Alfred Barbou

Let’s start at the very beginning...

Nov 01, 2010

Winter Activities to Share With Your Dog

When the weather outside gets cold and the snow begins to fall, getting outdoors with your dog can be a lot of fun. Even though many Chicago residents...

May 01, 2010

Playing Nice Stopping Your Dog’s Aggression toward Other Dogs

Every spring, Chicago’s lakefront and parks turn into a huge playground and dog owners look forward to spending time with their canine companions...

May 01, 2010

Why Dogs Love Us

Evolutionary anthropologist Brian Hare explores the bonds that, over thousands of years, have linked dogs and humans.


May 01, 2009

Outdoor Activities to Share with Your Dog

Warm weather is here!



May 01, 2008

The Ultimate Kitten & Puppy Guide

Are you ready to bring home baby? (Four-legged baby, that is!) Welcome to the ultimate guide to parenting the pet of your dreams. It’ll require...